Two important volunteering policy developments

by Megan Haddock, Johns Hopkins University In recent months, there have been two important developments in volunteering policy that will impact the ongoing efforts to highlight volunteer labour in Europe and around the world.   First, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has officially adopted volunteering as a form of “work” that should be measured along […]

The measurement of voluntary work: Always in the spotlight!

  Institutions and the not-for-profit sector keep working on the issue of the measurement of voluntary work. To this end, on June 15th the Province of Treviso together with the Provincial Liaison Body on Volunteering organised a Conference on the economic valorisation of voluntary work, at the headquarters of the Province.   The conference was […]

The results are in: Statistics Portugal’s Survey on Volunteer Work for 2012

  More than one in 10 adults in Portugal gives their time to volunteer activities, Statistics Portugal reports.   The volunteer rate of people that participated in a volunteer activity either through an organization or directly for other individuals is estimated to be 11.5% of residents aged 15 or older—about 1,040,000 people. This represents the […]

Mesv: il progetto entra nel vivo!

English version   Circolare n. 6 del 28 marzo 2013   Da pochi giorni Istat ha avviato le interviste per la rilevazione “Aspetti della Vita Quotidiana 2013″ che interesserà 24 mila famiglie di tutto il territorio nazionale. Come sapete, nell’ambito dell’indagine, s’inserisce il progetto Mesv (Misurazione del valore economico e sociale del lavoro volontario); infatti […]

Technical workshop on volunteer measurement | 21 Februrary 2013

On 21 February 2013, CEV and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) hosted, in Brussels, Belgium a technical workshop on volunteer measurement. The objective of the event was to gather input for a European Parliament pilot project proposal for the systematic collection of comparable data on volunteering across Europe.   Various European Union policy […]