Two important volunteering policy developments

by Megan Haddock, Johns Hopkins University In recent months, there have been two important developments in volunteering policy that will impact the ongoing efforts to highlight volunteer labour in Europe and around the world.   First, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has officially adopted volunteering as a form of “work” that should be measured along […]

The results are in: Statistics Portugal’s Survey on Volunteer Work for 2012

  More than one in 10 adults in Portugal gives their time to volunteer activities, Statistics Portugal reports.   The volunteer rate of people that participated in a volunteer activity either through an organization or directly for other individuals is estimated to be 11.5% of residents aged 15 or older—about 1,040,000 people. This represents the […]

Phase 1 Wrap-up Conference: ISTAT announces implementation in 2013 | Rome | 19 April 2012

  Over 100 people participated in the EVMP Phase 1 Wrap-up Conference held in Rome on 19 April 2012. The conference gave EVMP partners the opportunity to thank the funders and report on the Project’s progress in completing, disseminating, and encouraging adoption of the ILO Manual in Europe. The event, titled “The value and role […]

CEV Director brings volunteer measurement to the attention of European Commission Vice-President Rehn

Together with a delegation from the Social Platform, CEV Director, Gabriella Civico, met Vice-President Olli Rehn, European Commissioner of Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro on 5 June 2012. The topics of discussion were the inclusion of social objectives in European economic governance, the sustainability of public financing for social services, and the use […]

MEPs continue their support for the measurement of volunteering

Following the recommendations to implement the ILO Manual issued by the European Commission in its September 2011 Communication on volunteering and by and the Council of the European Union in its October 2011 Conclusions the European Parliament adopted on 12 June 2012 a Report on recognising and promoting cross-border voluntary activities in the EU.   […]

Value and role of volunteering: Presentation of ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work | Rome | 19 April 2012

DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM   On Thursday, 19 April, the partners of the European Volunteer Measurement Project will host a conference marking the final event of the EVMP Preparatory Phase. The public conference “Value and role of volunteering: Presentation of ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work” will be held from 9:30-1pm in Rome at […]

EVMP to partner with Meridian International Center’s Global Service Leaders Initiative for Service Innovation Summit | Madrid | 28-30 March 2012

EVMP is partnering with the Meridian International Center’s Global Service Leaders Initiative (GSL) on its inaugural conference in Madrid, Spain March 28-30, 2012. The 2012 Service Innovation Summit, co-hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Spain, the Meridian International Center, and the Fundacíon Rafael del Pino, will promote service and volunteerism in communities in Spain (and […]

European Parliament VP Gianni Pittella endorses EU-wide adoption of ILO Manual

Momentum for European-wide implementation of the ILO Manual continues to build. In a recent press release, First Vice President of the European Parliament, confirmed his support for a robust implementation effort, joining several other senior members of European Parliament in encouraging the systematic measurement of volunteer work as outlined by the ILO Manual.   Pittella […]