Two important volunteering policy developments

by Megan Haddock, Johns Hopkins University In recent months, there have been two important developments in volunteering policy that will impact the ongoing efforts to highlight volunteer labour in Europe and around the world.   First, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has officially adopted volunteering as a form of “work” that should be measured along […]

Technical workshop on volunteer measurement | 21 Februrary 2013

On 21 February 2013, CEV and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) hosted, in Brussels, Belgium a technical workshop on volunteer measurement. The objective of the event was to gather input for a European Parliament pilot project proposal for the systematic collection of comparable data on volunteering across Europe.   Various European Union policy […]

Il Comitato Economico e Sociale Europeo Sostiene L’EVMP

  NOTE: This post is a translation. To read the original post in English, click here.   Il Progetto europeo per la Misurazione del Volontariato (EVMP) è una delle raccomandazioni in primo piano nella Dichiarazione del Presidente Luca Jahier del Gruppo III del Comitato Economico e Sociale europeo. Tale documento completa e accompagna il riconoscimento […]

European Economic and Social Committee Recommends EVMP

  The European Volunteer Measurement Project is a prominent featured recommendation in the Declaration released by European Economic and Social Committee Group III President Luca Jahier. This document complements institutional recognition the campaign to measure volunteering in Europe has recently received.   The Declaration recommends “widely disseminating information on the economic impact of volunteering. As a first step, it is necessary to implement the European […]

European Economic and Social Committee spotlights ILO Manual and EVMP at special meeting | 30 September 2011

The European Economic and Social Committee put a spotlight on the importance of measuring volunteering at a major conference it convened in Warsaw on Friday 30 September 2011 in collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, and the European Commission.   The […]