A community of statistical officials forms | Warsaw Technical Workshop | 28-29 September 2011

A new community began to take shape last week when labour statistics officials and civil society leaders met on 28-29 September in Warsaw for a technical workshop hosted by the ILO, EVMP, and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The aim of the workshop was to connect statistics offices with civil society, to […]

EVMP Technical Workshop | Warsaw | 28-29 September 2011

The EVMP partners are delighted to announce that the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy will co-host a technical workshop for European statistics officials in Warsaw, Poland on September 28th and 29th. Funding for this meeting is being provided in part by the EU Commission’s funds for the European Year […]

EVMP Kickoff Training | Tallin | 6 May 2011

On May 6, EVMP partners CEV, SPES, and CCSS hosted a Kickoff Training Workshop in Tallinn, Estonia to introduce volunteer leaders to the new ILO Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work and to enlist their help in making sure that the Manual is used. The workshop was planned to coincide with and compliment the CEV symposium entitled “The future of volunteering: concepts, trends, visions,” held from […]